Health Advantages: Less stress, enhanced hydration, better food nutrition, and no cross contamination with water and food.

Profit Advantages:
Reduces labor time cleaning bowls by 80% to reduce labor/material costs 20-40%. Instantly see your guaranteed savings & sustainability improvements at KleanbowlEstimator.com. Labor time savings can be re-invested to grow other pet care services such as daycare.


Health Advantages: Enhanced energy and mood means more exercise, socialization, and friends.

Profit Advantages:
Reduce time/cost cleaning bowls to spend more time playing with dogs for more frequent, profitable visits.


Health Advantages: Provides healthier hydration, reduces anxiety, builds trust, and promotes healthier skin, fur, and nails.

Profit Advantages:
Recycling Refills eliminates all germs, and reduces time/labor cost cleaning bowls to spend more time grooming pets for better customer satisfaction, and more profitable results.

Kinn Kleanbowl System for Pet Professional Use with water and food:

SPILL-PROOF: Heavy-duty frame goes ON TOP of and HOLDS refill in place with anti-skid rubber ring.
COST SAVINGS: Recycling refills and WIPE-CLEAN frame reduce labor time vs. washing bowls up to 80%, REDUCING COSTS up to 40%.
MORE SANITARY: Recycling refills ELIMINATES 100% of bowl germs vs. dishwashers, which DO NOT get hot enough to kill all germs.
HEALTHIER PETS: Pets smell a germ-free bowl; EAT all their food, DRINK more water, & RINSE away more plaque. LESS STRESS & ANXIETY.
ECO-FRIENDLY: Refill bowls, made from sugar cane fiber, are BIODEGRADABLE & RECYCLABLE; creates LESS WASTE than washing.